GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing

GRP fibreglass flat roofing  is a roofing system that will outlast and outperform virtually any other traditional roofing material. Any roof fitted by Abbey Roofing Cumbria comes with a 25 year guarantee.

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The Abbey roofing GRP fibreglass flat roofing  system is the proven solution to almost any flat roofing problem.

Fiberglass is formed in situ on the flat roof deck to create a solid, fully bonded, waterproofing membrane That covers the entire flat roof without any seams, joints or welds,

GRP fiberglass flat roof in Cumbria

Abbey roofing Cumbria 

Fiberglass is a hard wearing, structural waterproofing system which cannot be cut with a knife,

won’t deteriorate under UV light or extreme heat and will tolerate foot traffic.

The system comes complete with a 25-year guarantee on the materials from the manufacturer

And a guarantee from the installer that the roof will remain leak free for at least 25 years.

As recent studies, have shown, some of the earliest GRP flat roofs and balconies in Carlisle and Penrith more than thirty years ago are still in service today. If you have a flat roof that needs to be replaced get in touch with Abbey roofing Cumbria we can usually get out the same day to look at a roof and offer advice for free

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