Roof Timbers & Joinery Joist Replacement

dry rot purlins and sparsRoof timbers,

Roof timbers & Structural timbers within buildings come in all shapes and sizes, floor and ceiling joists, structural timbers or wooden lintels any timber decay to these timbers can be detrimental to the overall structural soundness of the building.

Dealing with Dry rot & Wet rot


Dry rot in your home can be disastrous if not Treated in time 

Dry rot is a fungus that can rampage through any moist/damp unventilated space such as floor voids or attic spaces,

It has the potential to destroy all timber in its path whilst penetrating masonry & brick walls to reach more timber,

We come across this quit often in our trade, usely if the damage is not too bad, it can be treated simply by

isolating and ventilating the area, to make sure the damp moist conditions do not accrue replacing damaged timber spars and purlins using joist hangers and not building them back into masonry walls,

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