Roofer Cockermouth Cumbria

Roofer Cockermouth Cumbria 

Roofing services Cockermouth Cumbria,

One of the towns in Cumbria we cover, laying on the outskirts of the “Lake District National Park”

Some refer to this town as the gateway to the lake district,Roofer Cockermouth Cumbria

We love to work in this “Gem” of a market town, Where we’ve, repaired and replaced slate and tiled roofs,

Repaired Georgian Chimney stacks from the early eighteenth century.

This is where our knowledge of heritage roofing comes in to practise, working with local natural materials such as, Westmorland green slate dating back hundreds of years,

Georgian Style Roofs

Most Georgian buildings in Cockermouth are known for there

Shallow pitches and parapet walls, that could accommodate the water drainage from the main roof elevation, That was great at the time but now being 200+ years old this lead work is notorious for being a problem with water ingress, these type of roofing problems around Cockermouth is what we Have been dealing with over the years and we can provide you with a free Quotation and advise on any of these problems with your home, Get in Touch by our contact form


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