Roofing Services Carlisle

Roofing Services Carlisle

Abbey roofing services has been serving and carrying out roofing work in Carlisle, Cumbria, for over 25 years

we have a great reputation for service and attention to detail we cover a wide range of roofing services in Carlisle,

  • GRP Fiberglass flat roofing
  • VELUX roof windows
  • Upvc roofline Fascia and soffits
  • Slate roofing and natural slate roofing
  • Lead work
  • New tiled roofs arranging scaffolding and rubbish removal

If you have a leaking roof in Carlisle we usually be called out the same day and guarantee all our work

When you’re in need of Roofing Services Carlisle get in touch for a free same day quotation

norbord products sterling-osb/sterlingosb-tongue-and-groove

OSB3 roof decking for a GRP fiberglass flat roof in Carlisle, Cumbria, 


Tiled Roof Repair

Tiled Roof Repair

Repair to a tiled roof which has been leaking due to storm damage

water stains on the inside ceilings

blocked guttering

Tiled roof repair this is a insurance job and takes just one hour to fix. please get intouch for all aspects of roofing repairs,   

Tiled roof repair,

Roofing services Cumbria

All work by Abbey roofing is coverd by a 10 year Guarantee,

we cover all aspects of roofing inc, slate roof repairs

Roofers in Carlisle Cumbria

Roofers in Carlisle Cumbria

Roofers in Carlisle Cumbria we offer all aspects of professional roofing services

from slate roofing to flat roofing including grp fiberglass flat roofing.

specializing in warm deck roof installations throughout Cumbria we can offer up to 100m 80m or 50m insulation

above the joists to convert your cold flat roof into a warmdeck roof

we have a team of time served tradesmen and have installed thousands of GRP fiberglass roof systems throughout Cumbria and south-west Scotland

Roofers in Carlisle Cumbria

A cold flat roof can course condensation in the roof void if its above a living area that can lead to rotting timbers

and damp plaster with mold

Technological Advances roofing

Abbey roofing Cumbria

A warmdeck flat roof can make a big diference to this problem get intouch for more info via our contact us page

Cure-it GRP fiberglass systems

comes with a 25 year guarantee. For property’s in Carlisle Cumbria we offer a free Quotation and advice service

if your thinking of buying a property in Cumbria we can take a look and offer advice

we use the best materials locally sourced from SBS Carlisle and Travis Perkins

we can take care of all the work inc. Upvc Fascia replacement erecting scaffolding

hiring skips offering a 25 year guarantee with the work when its completed



Need a roofer Keswick Cumbria

Need a roofer Keswick Cumbria

Need roofer Keswick Cumbria

Free quotations on all roofing work in and around Keswick, Threlkeld, and Portinscale,

If you have a leaking flat roof or if its natural slate roofing,

Tiled Hip roofs lead valleys, Dry ridge/Verge systems get in touch  with abbey roofing today,

New Slate roof on a property in Cumbria Keswick,

looking for a new slate roof on your property in Keswick or Penrith Abbey roofing Cumbria can take care of it.

we can organise scaffolding skips and materials for your project.

Upvc Fascia soffits and guttering 


Roofer in Keswick, Cumbria

Marley roofing tiles Re-roof in Egremont Cumbria





from Abbey Roofing services .happy christmas



Roofing Services Cumbria

Roofing Services Cumbria

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Fiberglass Warm Roof Construction

Fiberglass Warm Roof Consruction

Looking for fiberglass flat roof replacement, choose the service of Abbey roofing services!

Are you facing any damage to your house or flat roof and want to replace it or install a new fiberglass flat roofing in Dumfries, then the first thing you should do is approach the best and reliable company who will help you with a warm roof construction.warm roof consruction

When we are talking about choosing the best, then Abbey Roofing services is the answer! We have been installing GRP fiberglass (warm roofs) and replacing the felt roofs in Dumfries, Annan, Newton Stewart and Eastriggs for the last ten years.

We have installed and replaced hundreds of these fiberglass flat roofs in and around Dumfries. Also, with many years of experience, we have grown and adapted the needs of the customers and so when you are approaching us you can be rest assured about getting the best quality service for fiberglass flat roof replacement.

We use Cure-it system

when we are replacing a GRP fiberglass flat roof we use Cure-it because it comes with 25 years of guarantee.

It is very predictable that people having traditional flat roofs will face the leaks and ripped felt roofs because traditional flat roofs don’t last long but it’s not the case with our flat roofs. Our flat roofs are guaranteed to last a lifetime.Fiberglass Warm Roof Consruction

It is because we use single ply GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) laminate as a flat roofing material and this will create a surface that will neither rip nor leak. As GRP is laid as a continuous sheet in our warm roof constructions there are no chances of seams, welds or joints in our flat roofs installation and this will also save you from water leaks. The best part is that it comes with 25 years of guarantee and is maintenance free which will save you from spending time and money on repairs or maintenance.

We make use of GRP fiberglass Warm roof because there are many benefits:

  • It is energy efficient because it is a very good insulator which keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • These roofs are seamless and so there are no joins or water leakage
  • It comes in variety of colors allowing you to select the one that suits your taste or matches the surrounding
  • It doesn’t require heat to install, it is all cold applied
  • Maintenance free
  • Comes with 25years of guarantee

Apart from Fiberglass Warm Roof Consruction we also do other roofing repairs on domestic houses like:

  • Slate roofing and tiling
  • Upvc fascia/soffits and guttering
  • GRP fiberglass flat roofing

If you are looking for the Fiberglass Warm Roof Consruction or any other roofing services in Dumfries, Annan, Newton Stewart and Eastriggs then get in touch with us today and get a free quotation from us!

Storm Damage Roofing Dumfries

Storm Damage Roofing Dumfries

Storm Damage Dumfries and Galloway

this year if you have any storm damage on your roof Get InTouch

now the weather is changing for the worst you might wake up one morning with missing roof tiles and damage to your house roof!

If this is the case then we can deal with it for you. including speaking with your insurance company.

Leave the paper work to us!

We have a (24 hour) call out service for emergencies  to help when it’s needed we cover all types of storm damage including,

  • replacing missing tiles or ridge tiles  storm damage
  • emergency temporary roof repairs
  • making water tight and cleaning up debris
  • All emergency work is covered by a 10 year guarantee

Types of roofing damage

you might be looking at a few loose tiles or slates, on the other hand it might be a roof completely ripped apart either way we can deal with it

we can check your roof over for water ingress/leaks and report to your insurance company,

were based in Eastriggs, Dumfries and Galloway and cover the whole of south-west Scotland

it’s a good idea to get your guttering and down pipes cleaned at least once a year to stop problems before they start…

Storm Damage Roofing Dumfries


Dry Verge Caps Blown off

Dry verge caps are a really good system!

Dry verge caps they do away with the use of cement mortar on the gable end. and prevent storm damage when fitted correctly,

Weve been to so many property’s where the dry verge caps have ( blown off )… by the wind and you’re left with Dry-verge-capsbroken cement pointing on the verge where the caps have been screwed through into the ends of rotten tile batons,

This will cause water ingress through the cracked mortar… and possibly missing tiles with the next strong winds”

To get the real benefit of the dry verge system

it needs to be installed properly by removing two to three ridge tiles, take back three courses of tiles into the roof or to the second spar that runs from the ridge to the eaves replace the roofing felt. with a new breathable felt and re-baton the verge leaving an overhang of 40m for Marley dry verge caps to fasten too,Dry verge caps

if the tiles overhang more than 40m they will need trimmed down then the caps will interlock and screw into the end of each baton,

Re-tile and set ridge tiles on a bed of cement mortar, job done!

they cannot be fastened through the existing cement although a lot of contractors will try to do exactly that”

they just wont last… we only install MARLEY dry verge or KLOBER dry verge depending on the tile profile they both come with a 10 year guarantee!

over 75% of new build houses are now fitted with dry verge caps in england and Wales where as Scotland and southwest Scotland over 90% of roofing is already mechanically fixed. new build & retrofit, considering the weather patterns lately and storms A…to Z… it’s not difficult to see why” Check out our areas covered page to see if we cover your area and get in touch for any advice needed


fascia and soffits

fascia & soffit replacement

Upvc Fascia soffits with new Guttering can really improve the kerb appeal of your home,

This is one of the services that Abbey Roofing Services can offer our customers

It’s very important to get it right the first time, fascia soffitsfascia soffits

We understand the problems it can cause if upvc soffits and fascia are installed incorrectly

The lack of ventilation into the attic space can course condensation, this in turn can course dry rot or active woodworm in all the roof timbers, which can be very expensive to cure,


the soffit space underneath the fascia, is the best place to vent the roof attic, our plastic soffits can be installed with a continues vent strip, for the air to move freely through the loft space, your loft space should be cool & dry not moist and warm; Insulation plays a big part in this too, you really should be aiming for a well ventilated attic space and approx’ 280m of rockwool insulation,

Guttering and Downpipes

We have a wide variety of fascia soffits & guttering many colors & profiles to choose from,

We cover the whole of southwest Scotland & Cumbria all our work Inc.,

  • Striping the old wooden fascia to the joist ends,
  • Fitting best quality maintenance free fascia soffits in Upvc
  • Replacing the edging felt to the eaves & fitting edging trays to all eaves
  • Removing all rubbish from site, leaving it all clean & tidy
  • free written quotations and a 10 year guarantee on all work

Dry Verge caps/units

dry verge caps or units are designed to replace the cement mortor of the gable end, Dry verge caps

to prevent storm damage! they help with ventillation too,

if you need a Quotation for any of the above get inTouch

Areas covered

Carlisle, Whitehaven, Dumfries, Keswick, Workington,

And all surrounding towns and villages of Cumbria, & Southwest Scotland

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